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“Should we just keep working from home forever?” I’ve heard co-workers and friends ask this question a lot over the last few months, as the global pandemic revealed that office workers can actually find ways to be productive, creative, and collaborative from their home office. While some are perfectly comfortable with their updated home office, many are left wondering whether returning to the office is worth the effort. 


As you consider the benefits of a physical office, and envision your future working life, ask yourself this new question: “What am I missing from the office?” I have been pondering this question myself, and came to the conclusion that there are simply some things I cannot replicate at home, and while I may not need to spend every working day at the office in the future, my work will improve drastically with access to the resources available at the office when necessary.



There’s no doubt that office workers can be productive when working from home, however, there are instances where productivity would be improved by a sound-proof space for video recording, a large conference table to lay out plans, a video wall to view multiple windows and programs at once, or a flexible seating arrangement to accommodate any number of meeting attendees. We are now seeing employees demand better reasons to leave their homes for work, as they’ve spent the last couple years proving that it can be done from the comfort of their own homes. For employers to retain good employees, and get the best from their staff, companies will need to rethink their office designs.


Reach out to Bluum for help designing your office to meet the changing needs of employees and customers.


Collaboration & Creativity

Solutions like Zoom have made remote collaboration easier than ever, but we all know the nuance and flow of communication is very different when it can be done in person. Additionally, many find creativity increases when you can easily bounce ideas off another person, jot down your brainstorming in a visual manner, or simply change your work environment. While online collaboration tools make these things possible for remote employees, it is important to prepare your workspaces with robust technology as a powerful place to conduct business in person. To get improve face-to-face meetings, consider the following upgrades to increase collaboration and creativity:

  • Interactive Flat Panels: SMART and Clevertouch interactive flat panels offer everything you need in a conference room display with the added benefit of touch and pen tools to make group work and presenting more engaging. An interactive flat panel makes note-taking quick and highly visible, and the ability to switch easily to the web, desktop display, and a variety of apps makes this a solid choice for your huddle spaces or conference rooms. Whether you are working alone or with others, an interactive flat panel helps display your ideas seamlessly.
  • Large Video Walls: A video wall, like the one from Maxhub, is the perfect meeting room display for your larger conference rooms, boardroom, entryway, or community areas. A video wall is a great way to make a strong impression, and ensure your message and branding is clear with large, high-resolution displays.
  • Large Venue Projection: You need an Epson Large Venue Projector in your large conference rooms, training rooms, and lecture halls to accommodate those sitting in any part of the large space. 


Company culture is a difficult thing to quantify, but I think we all know it is important and definitely lacking when everyone is working from home. Employee engagement and retention is always a challenge, and now it is harder than ever for employees to feel connected to their company and coworkers. As employees begin returning to the office, companies should make extra effort to create a positive company culture, define collaborative work spaces, and showcase employee contributions and talent. An easy way to do this is with powerful digital signage, which you can use to welcome guests and employees into your space, display employee and company accomplishments, encourage safety and sanitation measures throughout the building, and much more.


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