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Attract Employees with Workspaces that Work—and Delight


Work preferences have changed. Today, people want the flexibility to move seamlessly between onsite and remote workspaces. They also want access to spaces that are purpose-built for collaboration, introspection, concentration or simply decompressing. At Bluum Technology, we design spaces that help you attract and retain the talented people intrinsic to your success.

Design Hybrid Workspaces that Work for Everyone, Everywhere

The modern workforce is connected, tech savvy and ready to work from anywhere. Give people the tools they need to contribute, collaborate and manage effortlessly with hybrid work environments designed by the experts at Bluum Technology. We tailor our solutions to your environment and the needs of your in-person and remote employees anywhere in the world. We are just as meticulous about installation, integration and post-implementation support, ensuring you get a solution that’s precisely right for your organization.


Capture Imagination with Experiential Design

What does your space say about your organization? Make a positive and lasting impression with experiential design that is as engaging as it is informative. The design engineers at Bluum Technology can introduce you to entirely new ways to shape perception, improve interactions and delight visitors. From the stunning and elaborate to the simple and informative, we will show you what’s possible—and make it happen.



Explore the best ways to support your environment for optimal performance and return on investment



Get the right technology for your solution with brand-agnostic, certified design engineers and proofs of concept



Maximize impact and minimize disruption with integration experts who understand every aspect of your project 



Rely on experienced engineers, installers and programmers for training and support when and where you need it 

Integrate the Right Hybrid Workspace Solution forYour Industry

From offices and campuses to common areas, offsite workspaces, and meeting and training facilities, hybrid work solutions give people the integrated professional environment they need to be effective. The industry experts at Bluum Technology will design and integrate the perfect hybrid workspace solution for your organization—and give you the support you need to optimize your investment.


Integrate solutions across remote, collaboration, meeting, office and common spaces for unmatched teamwork and productivity.


Design hybrid environments for back office, theft prevention, training, meetings and other essential behind-the-scenes functions.


Create workspaces in suites, offices and common areas that give guests and staff the tools and technology they need to conduct business anywhere.


Enable educators and staff to move effortlessly between onsite and remote working environments without disrupting the learning environment.    


Design healthcare workspaces that give staff and caregivers the ability to provide exceptional inpatient, outpatient and telehealth support.


Enable staff to work from anywhere while giving constituents an exceptional experience that meets your mission for service and cost-efficiency.

Bars & Restaurants

Modernize training, restaurant management and guest services with integrated solutions for the back and front of the house. 

Event Venues

Give staff the onsite and remote tools and technologies they need to manage events in-house and across venues for a flawless customer experience.


Create a flexible work environment for staff and volunteers managing the experience, facility, fundraiser or community outreach initiative.

Hybrid Workspace Solutions in Bluum

Check out our catalog, blogs, customer success stories and more to learn more about Bluum Technology's hybrid workspace solutions. 

Embrace the Future of Work

Do more and achieve more with innovative technology solutions from Bluum.

Magnet 360 Creates New Office Space with State of the Art Technology

Bluum helps Magnet360 create a new office space with state of the art technology.

Dungarvin Uses Clevertouch Technology to Conduct Remote Trainings

With the help of Bluum, Dungarvin uses Clevertouch Technology for remote trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point during a remodel should we start planning our technology?

Ideally, Bluum engineers will get involved during the architectural design phase to ensure the technical infrastructure, lighting, acoustics, etc., support the most desirable solution. When we are involved early, we can also join construction meetings to relieve our clients of that burden.

Whether we are brought in early or after construction has been completed, we will design an optimal solution that meets our clients needs within the parameters of what the build can accommodate.

How can I make sure those who aren’t in the room have a voice equal to those onsite?

The best way to accomplish this is to design the space for the intended purpose. If a room is meant to support remote participants, having the proper furniture incorporated in the proper orientation to the display and camera will make the face-to-face interaction happen naturally.

Using the correct types of microphones and speaker placement for the space will ensure that all can be heard. Don’t overlook the importance of having a quality solution at the remote end as well. Proper microphones and audio playback are just as important there. Bluum Technology will help you incorporate the right solution so that you and your team can focus on the work you do, not on the technology.

If I’m updating a workspace to accommodate a hybrid environment, do I have to replace existing technology?

The design engineers at Bluum Technology will consult with you to determine what your goals are, assess your current environment and identify any gaps in technology that should be addressed to ensure your teams can work—and work together—effectively, anywhere in the world. We will provide recommendations and timelines for immediate, near-term and longer-term replacements. As technologies near end of life, our installation and integration experts will ensure that updates to your system are deployed with minimal disruption and that your team is thoroughly trained for seamless operation. 

How do I keep the organization secure with endpoints that span onsite and remote working environments?

There are two components to keep in mind: physical security and network (software) security. If your site requires physical security you can take measures to secure servers, media players, displays and other equipment to prevent theft. Network security is a priority for every Bluum Technology deployment. Our team can provide you with solutions for onsite devices and remote endpoints that support your secure environment. We work with software partners that offer on-premises, off-premises and cloud-based solutions to keep your hardware and network safe.

Why should I choose Bluum Technology over a different provider for my hybrid workspace project?

From consultation and design through integration, post-installation training and tech support, the hybrid workspace experts at Bluum Technology will ensure your solution is precisely tailored to your needs. We have years of experience designing workspaces for large enterprises, local businesses, education campuses and government facilities across industries. We partner with the top software and hardware vendors so we can provide the best solution for you, everywhere you operate. 

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