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Advantages of Technology as a Service

Our TaaS industry experts work with you to provide customized, cost-effective solutions for technology equipment, software, and services.


Offers the benefit of having a smaller monthly/quarterly payment with no upfront costs (CapEx vs. OpEx).

Maximize Your Budget

Provides a financial tool that allows a purchase of a larger amount of technology up front, rather than phasing or purchasing when budget is available.


Allows the ability to scale up/down at any time, and gain the ability of upgrading technology every 2-5 years without seeing much of a financial change.

Purchase as a Package

Your solution comes as an all-inclusive package for the company/organization and costs can be broken down by a cost per employee per year.

Compare and Contrast Capital Expenses to Operational Expenses

Capital Expense (Traditional)   vs.   Operational Expense (TaaS) 

Used to purchase major physical goods (e.g. real estate, vehicles, computer hardware).

Used for ongoing costs to run an organization (salary, benefits, utilities, etc.).

Usually requires complex acquisition process with bidding/approval and hearings.

Smaller and more simple acquisition/approval process-can often be approved by department head.

Relatively few capital expenses can be made each year due to their size and complexity.

Usually a larger portion of the budget with more flexibility.

Tax depreciated over useful life (not immediately deductible as an expense).

Expenses are 100% tax deductible in the year the money is spent.

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