Work Effectively with Practical, Secure and Connected Meeting Spaces

Meetings are no longer strictly in-person affairs. With participants attending onsite, from their home offices and from dispersed, remote locations, it’s more important than ever that meeting rooms are designed with security and functionality in mind. From screens to software, the experts at Bluum Technology will ensure you have an environment that invites participation and collaboration from everyone, equally. 



Explore the best ways to support your environment for optimal performance and return on investment



Get the right technology for your solution with brand-agnostic, certified design engineers and proofs of concept



Modernize with technology integration experts who understand the importance of a fully functional space



Rely on experienced engineers, installers and programmers for training and support when and where you need it 

Design the Right Solution forYour Meeting Space

Integrate meeting solutions purpose-built for your space, preferences and participants. The industry experts at Bluum Technology will assess your current environment, identify performance gaps and design state-of-the-art solutions tailored the needs of your organization, no matter how large or small. 

Meeting Rooms

Think beyond the four walls of the meeting room with solutions that make it easy to present and participate in conversations from anywhere.

Training Rooms

Integrate interactive technologies into training rooms that are welcoming, accommodating and easily accessible from all corners of the globe.

Collaboration Hubs

Create innovative, interactive spaces for collaboration between small groups onsite and offsite without the formality of a meeting room.


Facilitate learning in large campus settings and provide state-of-the-art technology for parent, student and staff meetings and events.

Business Consultation Rooms

Design rooms conducive to the most sensitive conversations involving business intelligence and employee information.

Government Spaces

Provide state-of-the-art technology for public and private government meeting spaces, council chambers and more for in-person and remote participants.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Give remote employees the tools and technologies they need to participate fully in meetings hosted onsite with integrated, easy-to-use solutions. 

Hospitality Event Spaces

Incorporate connected solutions for check-in, wayfinding, staging, event management and audience participation for a  seamless experience. 

Patient Consultation Rooms

Incorporate technology that supports diagnostic imaging, healthcare provider tools and telemedicine options while protecting patient privacy. 

Places of Worship

Facilitate fellowship, learning and collaboration with modern technology that creates a sense of community for in-person and remote attendees.

Meeting Space Solutions in Bluum

Check out our resources to learn more about Bluum Technology's meeting space solutions. 

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Bluum helps Magnet360 create a new office space with state of the art technology.

Conference Room Audio Simplified With Certified Solutions

Learn more about collaborative audio in conference rooms.

Huddle Spaces

Let Bluum Technology assist you with huddle rooms and other technology solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure those who aren’t in the room have a voice equal to those onsite?

The best way to accomplish this is to design the space for the intended purpose. If a room is meant to support remote participants, having the proper furniture incorporated in the proper orientation to the display and camera will make the face to face interaction happen naturally. Using the correct types of microphones and speaker placement for the space will ensure that all can be heard.

Proper microphones and audio playback are just as important for remote participants as well. Let Bluum Technology help you incorporate the right solution so that you and your team don’t have to think about the technology, but rather on the important work that you do.

How do I keep the organization secure when people are joining meetings from a variety of devices and locations?

Network security is a priority for every Bluum Technology deployment. Our team can provide you with solutions for onsite devices and remote endpoints that support your secure environment. We work with software partners that offer on-premises, off-premises and cloud-based solutions to keep your hardware and network safe.

Why should I choose Bluum Technology over a different provider for my meeting space project?

From consultation and design through integration, post-installation training and tech support, the meeting space experts at Bluum Technology will ensure your solution is precisely tailored to your needs. We have years of experience designing meeting spaces for businesses, campuses and government facilities, as well as healthcare, commercial and manufacturing environments. We partner with the top software and hardware vendors so we can provide the best solution for you. 

If I’m updating a meeting space, do I have to replace all the technology already in place?

The design engineers at Bluum Technology will consult with you to determine what your goals are, assess your current environment and identify any gaps in technology that should be addressed to ensure your meeting space meets your objectives. We will provide recommendations and timelines for immediate, near-term and longer-term replacements. As technologies near end of life, our installation and integration experts will ensure that updates to your system are deployed with minimal disruption and that your team is thoroughly trained for seamless operation. 

Why should I choose Bluum Technology over a different provider for my digital signage project?

From consultation and design through integration, custom content creation, and post-installation training and tech support, the digital signage experts at Bluum Technology will ensure your solution is precisely tailored to your needs. We have years of experience deploying digital signage for healthcare, retail, education and manufacturing environments, as well as businesses, government facilities, food service providers and more. We partner with the top software and hardware vendors in the digital signage market so we can provide the best solution for you. Our digital signage solutions include video walls, interactive trophy cases, interactive yearbook displays, mobile solutions, menu boards, scoreboards, indoor and outdoor signage, and much more.