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Empower Alignment and Collaboration Enterprise-wide

Today’s enterprise environments require the ability to connect, collaborate and keep people informed onsite and off everywhere in the world you do business. Planning and integrating the perfect solution requires a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish alongside practical considerations such as system design, hardware specs and content management software.

The enterprise experts at Bluum technologies deliver solutions precisely tailored to your needs, budget and vision for the future—we are as meticulous about design as we are about installation, integration and post-implementation support. 



Explore the best ways to support your environment for optimal performance and return on investment



Get the right technology for your solution with brand-agnostic, certified design engineers and proofs of concept 



Maximize impact and minimize disruption with integration experts who understand every aspect of your project



Rely on experienced engineers, installers and programmers for training and support when and where you need it

Design the Right Solution for Your Organization

Seamless collaboration and information-sharing is essential for any organization operating in a complex ecosystem comprising multiple locations, a hybrid workforce, and extensive supply chain and business partners. Also essential: providing an exceptional experience for employees, business partners and customers, whether that’s a participation-friendly meeting space, wayfinding signage that makes it easy to get around, or a wall of eye-catching video content no one can resist. The engineers at Bluum Technology design solutions for optimal performance and exceptional results. 

Conference Rooms

Use technology for presentations, live-stream sessions and face-to-face interactions with people across the table and around the world. 


Share information, alerts and notifications at strategic locations enterprise-wide to keep everyone onsite in the know.


Help people find what they’re looking for and get where they need to be on time with well-placed digital signage and interactive maps indoors and out.


Facilitate learning and information sharing in large settings and provide state-of-the-art technology for staff, student and visitor events.

Mobile Workforce

Give remote employees the tools and technologies they need to participate fully in meetings hosted onsite with integrated, easy-to-use solutions.

Collaboration Hubs

Create innovative, interactive spaces throughout your facilities that make it fun and easy to work collaboratively with people anywhere in the world.

Common Areas

Incorporate connected entertainment and informational solutions in lobbies, break rooms, cafeterias and informal meeting areas.

Outdoor Signage

Build brand awareness with outdoor signage at every turn, from parking and building entrances to high-traffic sight lines and common areas. 

Private Meeting Spaces

Design rooms conducive to the most sensitive conversations involving business intelligence and personal information.

Capture the Imagination with Experiential Design


What does your space say about your organization? Make a positive and lasting impression with experiential design that is as engaging as it is informative. The design engineers at Bluum Technology can introduce you to entirely new ways to shape perception, improve interactions and delight visitors. From the stunning and elaborate to the simple and informative, we will show you what’s possible—and make it happen.

Tell your brand story via:

icon-bluumtech-favicon-electric-sm Exhibition design that blends storytelling and public displays

icon-bluumtech-favicon-electric-sm Environment-based displays that blend seamlessly into any space

icon-bluumtech-favicon-electric-sm Experiential designs for marketing and advertising

icon-bluumtech-favicon-electric-sm Entertainment-focused designs such as video walls

Enterprise Solutions in Bluum

Check out our resources to learn more about Bluum Technology's enterprise solutions. 

Embrace the Future of Work

Do more and achieve more with innovative technology solutions from Bluum.

Magnet 360 Creates New Office Space with State of the Art Technology

Bluum helps Magnet360 create a new office space with state of the art technology.

International Dairy Queen Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Bluum helps Dairy Queen create a new collaborative and engaging space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to think about when considering a enterprise solution?

First, start with the end in mind. What is your main objective? Do you want to increase engagement with staff and clients? Increase brand awareness? Help visitors navigate your facility via wayfinding signage? Pinpoint your goal(s), then consider:

  • Experience – How your employees and customers interact with your solution is important. We will help you create a hardware/software combination that engages your audience.
  • Scalability – Do you have multiple locations or multiple areas within your building to consider? Do you plan to expand? You will want to choose a content management system that can scale to your needs. 
  • Support – For the most seamless experience, choose a company that offers end-to-end support, from design through programming, integration and post-installation training and support. At Bluum Technology, this starts with a consultation—identifying your objective and recommending the solution that best fits your needs. 
  • Budget – Budget for the initial project and plan ahead for hardware/software updates. The average hardware lifecycle is five years, but that’s increasing with newer technology. You may want lease your hardware using a Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) plan. Also, invest in a “content champion” to keep content fresh and current on any digital signage you deploy.
  • Timeline – Be realistic on your timeline, especially on complex, large-scale campus projects. Putting together a thoughtful solution that’s tailored to your needs takes time, as does software development and hardware deployment.  
  • Team – Put together a well-rounded project team. It may include IT staff, content administrators, HR leaders, users, facilities managers or other stakeholders. We collaborate with your team to ensure the hardware/software in your campus solution delivers the best experience for your audience.
How can I make sure those who aren’t in the room have a voice equal to those onsite?

The best way to accomplish this is to design the space for the intended purpose. If a room is meant to support remote participants, having the proper furniture incorporated in the proper orientation to the display and camera will make the face-to-face interaction happen naturally. Utilizing the correct types of microphones and speaker placement for the space will ensure that all can be heard. Don’t overlook the importance of having a quality solution at the remote end as well. Proper microphones and audio playback are just as important there. Bluum Technology will help you incorporate the right solution so that you and your team can focus on the work you do, not on the technology. 

Do I need technical expertise to update information shown on any digital signage I deploy?

There are hundreds of content management systems (CMS) to choose from. We will help you determine which one best suits your needs. Some CMS automatically update and display information pulled from other sources such as calendar feeds, sales dashboards or emergency alert notification systems. Many CMS provide templates and content libraries that can be used for fast, efficient updates. In addition to finding the right solution for you, we’ll ensure your team is trained to update information with confidence. Our in-house creative team can also design content for your displays that are on-brand and help you achieve your goals.

How do I keep endpoints and networks secure in a highly dispersed environment?

There are two components to keep in mind: physical security and network (software) security. If your site requires physical security you can take measures to secure servers, media players, displays and other equipment to prevent theft. Network security is a priority for every deployment. Our team can provide you with solutions that support your secure environment. We work with software partners that offer on-premises, off-premises and cloud-based solutions to keep your hardware and network safe.

Why should I choose Bluum Technology over a different provider for my campus project?

From consultation and design through integration, custom content creation, and post-installation training and tech support, the campus experts at Bluum Technology will ensure your solution is precisely tailored to your needs. We have years of experience deploying campus solutions in education, corporate, healthcare, manufacturing and other settings. We partner with the top software and hardware vendors so we can provide the best solution for you, regardless of technology brand.