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Detect and Remediate Safety Threats
with Enhanced Physical Security


Powerful audio and video analytics deliver situational awareness to your security or information technology team.


Once a threat is detected, you can isolate threats and remotely lock doors.


Broadcast safety information through integrated organizationwide mass notification systems.


Quickly and efficiently relay important situational information to first responders and law enforcement. 

Design the Right Physical Security Solution to Keep Your Environment Safe

Physical Security Solutions encompass video surveillance, audio, smoke and vape detection, and access control technology, giving you visibility and control across your campus or workplace. In addition to competitive pricing, Bluum Technology provides installation and integration services by certified engineers and installers. The industry experts at Bluum Technology will design and install the physical security solution that best suits your campus or office space—and give you the support you need to optimize your investment. 

Video Surveillance

A broad range of video security solutions work seamlessly together, monitoring threats, capturing, analyzing and presenting situational awareness of things seen and sending it to administrators to identify the perpetrator.

Vape and THC Detection

Environmental sensors are essential tools in preventing air pollution or substance abuse in your environment, allowing the detection of tobacco, vape, and marijuana smoke, high carbon dioxide levels, hazardous gas and chemical spills.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

By integrating various security technologies and applications on a VMS platform, you can monitor your school premises, record video and audio, manage access rights, and much more.

Audio Surveillance

Sound detection adds an extra layer of security by catching audible indicators of imminent threats especially in areas where cameras are not allowed, such as bathrooms or locker rooms.

Access Control

These solutions include limiting and controlling people’s access to sites, facilities and materials through physical authentication methods such as biometric, keypads and ID card restrictions.

Metal Detection

These solutions are designed to screen everyone who enters building premises to keep people safe from concealed weapons, health threats and intrusion.

Incident Alert System

Bluum Technology offers easy-to-use solutions that allow administrators to immediately get help by pushing a button, ensuring a fast and reliable response that can pinpoint the exact location in a school where intervention or help may be required.

Lean On Our Experts to Optimize Your Environment's Physical Security

Cameras. Microphones. Sensors. Software. Integration. Hardware.

There are lots of choices when it comes to improving the physical security of your campus or facility. We take the guesswork out of it, designing solutions precisely tailored to your needs. Our industry experts work with you to develop the ideal plan for your environment—and we are just as meticulous about installation, integration and post-implementation support.

Bluum Technology gives you a seamless, end-to-end experience you simply won’t find anywhere else.



Explore the best ways to secure your environment for optimal safety and security.



Get the right technology for your physical security solution with brand-agnostic, certified design engineers and proofs of concept.



Maximize impact and minimize disruption with integration experts who understand every aspect of your project.



Rely on experienced engineers, installers and programmers for training and support when and where you need it.

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