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By now, you’ve probably used Zoom to connect with coworkers, customers, and maybe even friends and family for a meeting (or a virtual happy hour). Zoom has become synonymous with remote work, but there may be capabilities of Zoom that you still aren’t familiar with, and ways that Zoom can improve both your remote and in-person work environments. As businesses start welcoming more staff members back to the office, we know that in-person meetings are still going to require remote connections as many employees and clients will continue to work from home.

Zoom meetings and Zoom Rooms are a great way to support the hybrid meeting, which is one that seamlessly joins both in-person and remote attendees.


First, What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software that allows you to connect virtually with anyone that has an internet-connected device using audio with or without video. Zoom’s platform works great for one-on-one or larger group meetings, and turning on the video camera makes the meeting experience feel much more “real” because you are able to see the people you are working with as you would in a face-to-face meeting.


In addition to the simple audio/video conferencing, Zoom has some great features to improve your experience:

  • Share your screen: Screen sharing is the best way to share a slide presentation, review documents, conduct a how-to or demonstration, or anything else that you want to share directly from your computer screen. 
  • Annotation: Enable annotations, and watch the increase in creativity and collaboration. Meeting participants can annotate over a blank whiteboard space or on a shared screen using ink, highlighting, stamps, and more.
  • Change your background: Do you still find it awkward to turn on your camera during a Zoom call? Are you meeting with a team of people for the first time and hoping to break the ice? Zoom backgrounds are a bit silly, but are actually a fun way to show off your personality and lighten the mood in a remote conference call. For the best results, make sure your background is a solid color before setting up your Virtual Background in the Zoom app settings.
  • Record your calls: With permission from your Zoom call attendees, it’s helpful to record calls anytime you are demonstrating or presenting information so that the video can be watched by missing attendees or even posted online to be viewed by anyone interested. 


What is a “Zoom Room”?

A Zoom Room refers to hardware that allows you to launch a Zoom meeting from a conference room. At Bluum, we offer Zoom Room packages for a variety of conference room sizes in order to create a seamless, user-friendly experience for your employees. When a Zoom Room is installed properly, users can simply walk into the room and start/join a new or scheduled Zoom meeting with a few simple clicks. 


Learn More From Bluum Technology

As a Certified Zoom Integrator, Bluum Technology is ready to help you update your meeting and conference rooms to meet the changing needs of your employees and clients. Contact us to learn more about our Zoom Room configurations or receive a custom quote for your exact needs.